Set group membership in CSV import

In the CSV import mapping, I can map to a Member column. I did that, but my users did not become members of the Group I mapped them to. Now I need to go through all users to make them members of the group. Is there an easier way to assign group membership to my users?


  • Hi Jeppe,

    You actually have to use the Resource Identifier (URI) of the Group to map to, not the name (as that isn't guaranteed unique); you can get the Resource Identifier of the (pre-existing) group using the "Copy to clipboard" function in recent versions of TAO.



  • Hi Mark,
    Thank you. Unfortunately I don't see a "copy to clipboard" function anywhere, and I don't find anything about it when I search the Internet.
    I am using version 3.2.0-RC2. Can you point me to where to find it?
    Is the URI the number I get when exporting rdf? ( < ns1:oken>1a9605c7033c15fba96ba5952a37d701859af1a0</ ns1:oken>)

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