How do I enable copy-paste of images from MS Word file?

Copying of "text" from M.S Word works on Tao 3.2. But copying images from M.S Word file is not working. I notice an error on the Chrome console - "Not allowed to load local resource". But don't see this error show up on Microsoft Edge. Regardless, the images are not being copied from word file with TAO 3.2 running on either browsers.

Any pointers for getting this work will be greatly helpful.

CKEditor documentation mentions a couple of flags that should be set by default. Has anyone tried setting this to get it to work? I tried setting this in ckeditor.js but no success. Unsure if there is a magic spot for these flags.

  • cfg-pasteFromWord_inlineImages
  • CKEDITOR.plugins.clipboard.isCustomDataTypesSupported

Any pointers is appreciated!



  • CKEditor mentions that pastefromWord advanced features including copy,paste of images works from version 4.6+, but the ckeditor installed with Tao package 3.2 is version 4.4. If there is some documentation on how to update the ckeditor version, it would help.

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