Best practise of load balancing solution for TAO 3.2

Can you share an advice for best practise of load balancing solution by TAO? What is recomended by TAO?

For example situation is:
- 15000 test takers in one delivery at the moment;
- 1 server for load balancer;
- 3 servers for application;
- 1 server for REDIS cache and results storage server;

What is:
1. Recomended OS for all servers (CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows);
2. Recomended parameters for servers (CPU, RAM, HDD);
3. Recomended stack (Apache/NGINX + MySQL/MariaDB/PostgreSQL/Percona + PHP 7/7.1/7.2);
4. Recomended performance tuning for webserver, database and cache;
5. Recomended load balancer service (HAPROXY, NGINX or etc.) and configurations, because it needs PHP sticky session and etc;

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