Math formulas with latex

Hello everybody,

We are higher technical school and need latex for math items. Unfortunately, sometimes latex formulas get commented within HTML code (instead of rendered). Is this a known issue? Can we fix that by our self quickly?




  • What version of Tao are you running?

  • Hi could you give us the raw latex code you are using to produce those expressions ?

  • Hi everybody,

    Thanks for your reply. We are using version 3.1.0 (RC7). was executed after installation of TAO.

    This is the raw latex code:

    c. -\frac{ax+bx}{a-b}:(a+b)
    d. \frac{(m~2-p~2)^4\cdot(m+p)}{[\frac{1}{3}(p^2-m^2)(m+p)^2]^2}

    I haven't found any pattern that results in .


  • We stumbled on the same issue you experienced. Most times we had visual difficulties, we simply reopened the mathexpression in the item and entered it a second time. This is not a fix in first place, just an idea how to work with it (we use the same version).

    Greetings ;)

  • Hi Patrik,

    Thanks for your hint. Re-opening the expression can help sometimes. In our case the visual difficulties appear after a while again.

    Greetings back

  • Anybody with the same experience? This is a very annoying behaviour and we can't go to productive mode with TAO. Hope TAO will solve this issue soon...

  • Hi HFTM, Patrik,

    I tried on the latest RC for TAO 3.1 and the latest sprint for TAO 3.2 and unfortunately I was not able to reproduce your issue.

    To help you further, I would need the following answers:
    - Does this happen on a specific web browser? Which one did you use?
    - In case such issue happens, what would be displayed in your web inspector (network tab)?


  • Hi Cyril,

    the issue occured in my case on Firefox ver.54. I have an example, where just beta should be displayed. I used \beta as a LaTeX command and this is what happened:
    Additionally I copied the code from the inspector displaying the issue and saved it as a .png.

    If you need further information for getting closer to a solution let us know :wink:


  • Hi Cyril,

    Thanks for your support. We really appreciate that. We use Firefox too (version 51.x). IE 11 doesn't work (first screenshot).



  • Hi,

    Thank you but... the most interesting part of the code inspector in our case is the Network tab, not Elements.

    Additional question: how did you install MathJax? With or without the option --keep-full?


  • edited July 2017

    Hi Cyril,

    MathJax was installed without the option flag --keep-full like this: hftm@srv03:/opt/webapps$ ./

    Here another example with the network tab:

    Thank you very much and best regards,


  • Hi there,

    We did a bit of research on this issue and have not been able to reproduce it on a recent version of TAO. We assume that deploying a recent version of TAO (3.2) will resolve this issue. Furthermore, this latest version includes a WYSIWYG LateX editor for easier formula editing.



  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks! We are looking forward to the deployment of version 3.2.x soon.


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