How can I make the scoring of certain items human-based?

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I have some items where the answer to the question I have asked is a paragraph and needs human evaluation. Under the extended text interaction, I found an option called outcome variables whose description had something similar to my requirements. I added a new outcome variable but it didn't seem to work. In fact, when a test-taker takes the exam, his/her responses to that item do not even appear on the result sheet. How can I enable manual scoring for some items? If that is not possible, where can I download Tao Community Edition 2.x?


  • I need that too :)

  • Manual scoring feature is mentioned in TAO guides but could not crack the mystery of how to do it. I tried the Score Process variables but could not see it reflected on the results. I assume that there is an extension for it and a user role for manual scoring. Can anyone advise?

  • Manual scoring is not currently a feature in TAO.

    @aryan-02 - the current version of TAO is 3.2 with a 3.3-RC01 available.



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