Error importing qti to TAO 3.2 from 3

I am having same problem exporting from TAO 3 to TAO 3.2.

*When I export as QTI Package 2.1, I can't import in TAO 3.2, I get following error:

Malformed XML:
QTI-XML error at line 2 "Element '{}manifest': No matching global declaration available for the validation root.".

  • When I export as RDF I can import and see questions in 3.2, but When

*** I preview, I get following error *:
The page you requested generated an unexpected error on this server.

Verify the address you entered in your web browser is valid.
If you are sure that the address is correct but this page is still displayed contact your TAO administrator._

*** If I try deleting or authoring, I get: 500: Undefined filesystem ""

Preview error screenshot attached.


  • Musa,

    Thanks for reporting these issues. They have both been resolved in newer releases. You can download the first release candidate for Tao 3.3 directly from GitHub at or we should have installers available in the near future.



  • Ok, thanks, I will try that.
    Hope it solves the translation problem I am facing now.
    In TAO 2, my items are in English and translated to French, but when I export, I only get the English content, not the FR.

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