Performance issue


I set up an instance of tao testing to allow some users to experiment with assessment tests, but I'm facing serious performances issues, out of proportion considering the few users involved.

What I have noticed is that the "statements" table keeps growing at an alarming rate, causing a constant degradation in performances.

I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong because I have seen evidences of a successful use of Tao, even in challenging environments. Do you have any suggestion at what I should look at?

I'm using version 3.0

Thank you


  • Can you provide a bit more information such as the Operating System, database type, and installation method? Also you mention version 3.0, have you tried a newer version?



  • Hi Amy,

    the frontend machine is an Ubuntu 18.04 machine with 2cpus and 4Gb RAM.
    The database is an Amazon RDS (MySql) 5.6.40 with 4Cpus and 16Gb RAM.

    The actual version is 3.2.

  • We are only starting to test on Bionic, you may wish to try using Xenial and see if your performance improves.



  • Thank you Amy, although I don't think that's the issue, I think there must be something wrong with my configuration because from what I gathered from other posts my "statements" table should not grow.
    The performance issue is all related to query times.

  • has the instructions for configuring on Ubuntu and you can compare to that for your configuration. If that checks out can you provide a few lines from that table?



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