Error in creation of users from CSV-import

Hello again,
I create users, using a csv-file with this format:

Label;First Name;Last Name;Login;Mail;Password

and import as CSV, and change interface language to Danish.

When I log in with one of these users, it looks fine, but when I start a test, I get an error and nothing shows up.

But I have found out that I can solve the problem for that user by (as an administrator) going to "manage test takers" and choose the user, and hit Save. No the user can start the test.

So something must be wrong in the import of users.

Please help me solve the problem - it was a pain to go through 83 users this time, but when I need to do it for 2000 it will become unbearable...


  • Jeppe,

    Did you follow the steps outlined in this article (

    If so can you provide the steps and version of Tao you are using?



  • Hi Amy,
    Thanks for the swift response, and great to hear that you are the new community liasson!

    Yes, I did use that article, and the csv-file was based on the template. But I removed the language column - because I didn't find a reference to Danish in the rdf-file (and not to any other language than English either).

    But actually I just read your response to another question suggesting to install 3.3 - I did on my local machine, and there I didn't have the problem. So maybe the problem is solved in that version? But the question now is: Is it advisable to change version at this point... We are field trialling in two weeks, and carrying out a study in May...

    Of course it could be great to have the new features, and maybe a lot of bug fixes?

  • Jeppe,

    There's definitely a lot of changes in the new release as the Community Edition is behind the other editions. I think the question in regards to updating would depending on if the system is currently usable for what you need versus can you get to the same point within the time leading up to your field trial.



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