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Hello! We are trying to make an interaction PCI which should give back a score depending on a function and not some absolute truthful correct state. Is this at all possible? Or are we really only limited to the paradigm presented in the 'taoQtiItem/qtiCreator/widgets/states/Correct' ?

I have worked on PCIs for a few months now, which tends to be a little different than usual, there is no absolute truthful state in this interaction, the score must be calculated from a function based on item placement etc. (It is a interior design excersize, score is based on distance between objects, placement etc. calculated by a relatively simple function)

As a developer I must say, at this point I would not recommend anyone using TAO, documentation is broken and even redacted behind some bizarre login in many cases, spec is bloated, the system itself seems archaic and over-engineered in architecture and a solid case of NIH. Maybe im missing something here?


  • Hi ejth,
    I think unfortunately you're right.
    The TAO team has been missing for a long time.
    I also spent a lot of time learning Tao; I tried to complete the translation in Italian, without having answers about some critical errors... All time lost.
    Where is the new Open Source Community Manager for Tao (Amy)? The new version 3.3.Rc01?
    TAO Community is missing... Or is he dead?

  • @ejth

    As an Open Source project, if you see something isn't working or you feel is incomplete your contributions to make things better is appreciated! Can you provide more information in regards to the documentation and how it can be improved or provide a patch with the missing information?

    We are working to update the community addition and I've asked the team for an update on RC02s release, RC01 can be accessed at



  • @ejth,

    Some additional information in regards to PCI, the liquids example is an example. You can do custom Response Processing to score these automatically; some QTI knowledge is required for this though.



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