Gap Match Question - Not able to configure Map Response

From TAO 3.2 Document:

You can do this using the map response option of Response processing, in the Response Properties panel on the right. When you choose this option, there are several settings you need to enter.

First, assign a weight for each correct match in the Pair Scoring box below the text. To do this, click on an appropriate match word and then on the space in which it should be placed. Now click the Add button, and it will appear in the list of matches at the bottom of the window. Check the Correct box, and assign the desired weight for matching this correctly in the Score box. Fill all the gaps with their appropriate matches.

However, this is not achievable in both TAO 3.2 and 3.3 demo. There is no "Add button" as mentioned.

Please show me how to do this.


  • This can be done if you select Map Response from the Response Processing drop down.



  • edited March 2019

    It is not achievable even with Map Response selected (please refer to screenshot).

    Also the correct option seems not to be saved when Map Response is selected.

    Step to reproduce:
    - Create a Gap Match item
    - Select a word and click Create Gap button at the right-hand side
    - Navigate to item Response
    - Select Map Response (check or uncheck option "Define Correct Response" does not make any different)
    - Click on an match word, then click on the appropriate gap, no Add Button to be found
    - Save the Item, navigate away from the itme
    - Navigate back to the item, the correct word is not in the appropriate gap anymore.

  • I have spoken with the team and there is a bug currently open and unassigned. Patches are of course welcome!:)



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