Multiple application server cluster and test import

Dear TAO experts.

Upfront, i would like to point out that i'm new to TAO and still learning the terminology.

Issue i'm having is with multiple application servers and LB infront is that when tests are imported from zip files, are being created on the filesystem on one (of) the nodes.

This, for a cause has, the test actually exists one node, not the other.
If test taker is balanced on another node, it cannot find that test failing with error 500

Is test import / creating supported to be in database or key-value ?

Redis part of implemention is working.
i can see various keys for sessions, session storage etc.
Authorization and URI part is left to sql database.

Is clustered filesystem required from which apache will serve content ?
I'm sure i'm missing something here, and would appreciate your help.

The version of TAO is 3.1, on Linux, running php 5.6



  • This isn't really a Tao issue but the nature of Load Balancers as there is no supported shared filesystem. In order to do this you would need to either upload to each indivual machine or use a clustered filesystem which is not supported by the community edition.



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