TAO 3.2 created test deliveries tend to "hang" at random slides

Ecperiencing major issue while preparing our first "real life" test: I have an approx 30 item test, comprising of some 25 instrucional slides and some embedded questions.

Which every new delivery, TAO 3.2. seems to "select" a different item where the test consistently hangs (i.e. clicking thru the test hangs at same item every time)

When redelivering the same test (unchanged, just new delivery), the consistent hang is on another slide.

How can this be avoided?


  • Additional: it seems to be the case when there are more deliveries containing the same test / item.

  • Andreas,

    Have you looked at the logs (may need to set system to debug) to see if there are any errors?



  • Hi,

    and sorry for delay. So far I was not able to obtain any PHP logs from the application. I am attaching my php.ini, can you please double-check my logging options?

    Hanging is getting worse - I am rarely able to package a delivery that does not "hang" at some question.

    Can you also check any other issues with this php.ini? I switched back to PHP 5.5 now by the way - no way running 3.2 on PHP 7 :(

    engine = On
    short_open_tag = On
    date.timezone = "Europe/Berlin"
    precision = 14
    y2k_compliance = Off
    output_buffering = Off
    output_handler =
    unserialize_callback_func =
    zlib.output_compression =
    implicit_flush = Off
    allow_call_time_pass_reference = On
    safe_mode = Off
    safe_mode_gid =
    safe_mode_include_dir =
    safe_mode_exec_dir =
    safe_mode_allowed_env_vars = "PHP_"
    safe_mode_protected_env_vars = "LD_LIBRARY_PATH"
    disable_functions =
    highlight.string = "#CC0000"
    highlight.comment = "#FF9900"
    highlight.keyword = "#006600" = "#FFFFFF"
    highlight.default = "#0000CC"
    highlight.html = "#000000"
    expose_php = On
    max_execution_time = 300
    memory_limit = 100M
    error_reporting = 32767
    display_startup_errors =
    track_errors = On
    variables_order = "EGPCS"
    register_argc_argv = On
    post_max_size = 8M
    gpc_order = "GPC"
    magic_quotes_runtime = Off
    magic_quotes_sybase = Off
    default_mimetype = "text/html"
    doc_root =
    user_dir =
    enable_dl = On
    file_uploads = 1
    allow_url_include = 1
    asp_tags = On
    allow_url_fopen = On
    display_errors = Off
    log_errors = On
    error_log = "/kunden/569419_1100/webseiten/training32/logs/phplog.txt"
    register_globals = Off
    magic_quotes_gpc = Off
    auto_prepend_file =
    auto_append_file =
    include_path = ".:/usr/local/lib/php"
    upload_max_filesize = 8M
    extension_dir = "./"
    zend_optimizer.enable_loader = On
    zend_optimizer.optimization_level = 15
    zend_extension = "/usr/local/php5/"

    [mail function]
    SMTP = "localhost"
    sendmail_from = ""

    sql.safe_mode = Off

    odbc.allow_persistent = 1
    odbc.check_persistent = 1
    odbc.max_persistent = -1
    odbc.max_links = -1
    odbc.defaultlrl = 4096
    odbc.defaultbinmode = 1

    mysql.allow_persistent = Off
    mysql.max_persistent = -1
    mysql.max_links = -1
    mysql.default_port =
    mysql.default_socket =
    mysql.default_host =
    mysql.default_user =
    mysql.default_password =

    pgsql.allow_persistent = On
    pgsql.auto_reset_persistent =
    pgsql.max_persistent = -1
    pgsql.max_links = -1

    bcmath.scale = 0

    session.serialize_handler = "php"
    session.gc_probability = 1
    session.referer_check =
    session.entropy_length = 0
    session.entropy_file =
    session.cache_limiter = "nocache"
    session.cache_expire = 180
    session.use_trans_sid = 1
    url_rewriter.tags = "a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry"
    session.save_handler = "files"
    session.save_path = "/tmp"
    session.use_cookies = On = "PHPSESSID"
    session.auto_start = Off
    session.cookie_lifetime = 0
    session.cookie_path = "/"
    session.cookie_domain =
    session.gc_maxlifetime = 1440

  • PHP 7 is the recommended version for 3.2. You may want to consider upgrading to the 3.3-rc02.

  • Comments here:
    1. when starting 3.2. with an administrator account and PHP-7, the first thing that is dumped on me is an "unknown error". Hmmm.
    2. please bear with me but where do I find release 3.3. Community edition? - does not seem to be included in the download pages ...

  • Some more comments:
    1. the only PHP Version 3.2 RC-2 is running on at all is 5.6
    2. The "highlight" error message using PHP 7.2 is

    PHP Fatal error: Cannot use qtism\data\content\xhtml\Object as Object because 'Object' is a special class name in /kunden/569419_1100/webseiten/training32/vendor/qtism/qtism/qtism/data/storage/xml/marshalling/ContentMarshaller.php on line 54
    [25-Jun-2019 08:16:41 Europe/Vienna]

    I abandoned further attempts

    1. The "hanging" does not show in the PHP Logs

    2. What I find in Version 5.6 Logs is repeatedly the folloing

    PHP Notice: session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/tmp) failed: Permission denied (13) in /kunden/569419_1100/webseiten/training32/tao/models/classes/mvc/Bootstrap.php on line 278

    Of course, I cannot assess if this has anything to do with the "hanging" - I rather doubt it as timestamps correspond to new logins and not the "hanging" incidents

  • A zip of 3.3-rc01 can be found here Or if you are familiar with git I'd recommend installing the release-3.3-rc02 branch.

  • Amy, please let me hint you that these packages are not distributions, but - to put it plainly - input for PHP development specialists.

    I meanwhile found out how to install them (your sparse instructions are a bit misguiding too)

    1. I was missing a clear signpost that you need to have capabilities with linux style tools like git, composer etc. to use them at all. I was expecting to download the zip, unzip it and dump it on my server (like the distributions you can download from your homepage)
    2. Doing so without having backend access to the target webserver implies setting up quite an environment. You need git, composer, and a current PHP version installed on your local windows machine just to assemble a working distribution
    3. resolution of composer dependencies is a nightmare. I just installed a PHP7.2 distribution to keep composer happy - but it requires mucht fiddling to stop composer complaining
    4. When you have succeeded, you end with 700MB and no clue what is part of a runtime distribution (3.2. has about 250 MB). So you end up uploading 700MB to your webserver with WinSCP 2/3 of which is unneccessary stuff
    5. recommendation of PHP 7.2. ist definitely wrong. See my other threads for the consistent "Object" issue

    Well - lets put it this way - from client's perspective there is room for improvement. Should be easy enough to automatially assemble distribution packages for each build?

  • Andreas keep in mind the TAO Community Edition is an Open Source project and 3.3 is not yet released. There will a new Admin Guide which will walk you through installation and common tasks and there may be changes to the zip file as well. OAT does offer Premium and Enterprise Edition of TAO which include hosting and support, but the Community Edition is community supported and is intended for a more technical audience.

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