How to import items or groups in csv file.

TAO has a function to import data as csv format, but I do not know the format of the csv.
I want to know the CSV format for importing "item" and "group" data.
Want to tell me if there is information or documentation somewhere.


  • While user related, this tutorial should help you -



  • Thank you for your reply, amy.
    I saw a tutorial.
    However, I think this is a csv description for importing "test takers".
    I think the csv format for importing "groups" and "items" is different from the "test taker" csv format.
    For example, exported "test takers" and "groups" no The RDF format is different.
    Similarly, I think that the format of csv used for import is different.
    I want to know the csv format for importing "groups" and importing "items".

  • The theory behind the import however is similar, you will need to match your field delimiter and the field enclosers. Once you attach your file and click next you will be prompted to select the properties based upon your file.



  • Thank you amy.
    I will try the taught method.

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