post installation: "http://taoplatform/tao/Main/login was not found on this server"

hi - I've followed the 'InstallUbuntuApacheMySQL' guide at closely on an Unbuntu 16.04 Virtual Machine - VirtualBox on OSX (unfortunately the only device available for testing).

The install is straight-out vanilla of the TAO_3.1.0-RC3_build, using the apache vhost & /etcs/hosts examples as found in the docs & I'm trying to access it with firefox on the VM's own desktop (as http://taoplatform - the name of the alias set in the hosts file).

The install phase all went great except at the end, where I'm ending up with a browser error:

"Not Found The requested URL /tao/Main/login was not found on this server."

I've checked out a number of threads on the old forum that discuss the same error message but the remedies there haven't worked to resolve the issue.

All my Apache directives & PHP install seem OK. I can't untar 'testAllowOverride_poc.tar.gz' from the post: as it seems to be corrupt.

I've taken the liberty of attaching the install.log to see if there's anything significant in there.

Anyone have any ideas?


PS. everything worked way better on Ubuntu than my attempt to run the same install on a Centos 7 VM install, where almost every step failed & had to be fixed by hand - I've ended up at the same error unfortunately.


  • Ah, I nicked the top-level .htaccess file from the OSX release (missing from the Linux 3.1.0 RC3 download - I was inventing my own). I can login to my new installation now. Will keep on testing.

  • Hi Ash,

    Happy to read that you finally made it work. Btw, why didn't you install the latest RC7?
    I didn't notice any .htaccess file missing from RC3, though.


  • thx for your reply - I installed RC3 because it was the version linked from the download page for (community 'any server' edition) - although this seems to have changed. I am working through the process of preparing a few thousand MCQ items for import (a 'bespoke' json format > QTI 2.x via Perl XML::Writer).

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