Cannot start installation Ubuntu Apache2

I followed the steps given at this link:
I am using Ubuntu- EC2 AWS instance to install Tao.
Although I am able to get to the http://YOURSERVER/tao/install/ page. The links don't work. Please see the screenshot:

Can you please point me to where I might be going wrong so I can fix it. It would be very helpful. Thank you!


  • Are there any errors in your apache logs? Also, make sure you have PHP 7 installed.



  • Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your reply. I do have php7 installed (along with php7 module for apache2). However, the link says "Once the Apache 2 server is installed, ensure that the rewrite and PHP 5 modules are enabled," So is it the case that I can't have php7 modules enabled for apache2 and only the php5 modules would work? Please help clarify this. I will also look at the apache logs. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

  • No you should have php7, oho5 is the minimum. It also could be related to AWS networking as 3.2 does install with no issues on a local VM I have running ubuntu 16.04.



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