Problems publishing

I'm no expert in LTI, but I have some experience with using LTI-based tools.

I have installed TAO Community Edition, in order to use it as an LTI-based tool.
Therefore, I did the following
* activated/installed all the plugins with LTI in their names
* created an account for my Moodle / Canvas LMS (I have access to both systems)
* Added TAO as an external tool with these credentials
* Created a few items, and combined them in a delivery
* added an activity in Moodle and in my Canvas LMS (using the Launch URL I could find with the Delivery)

The only thing I could see as an instructor was something like this

"Test 1" has been configured:
Selected Delivery Delivery of IPv4-adressering
Executions 1

From which I conclude that the LTI-link between my LMS and TAO did work.

Logged in as a student, I couldn't see anything.

How can I troubleshoot this?


  • amyamy
    edited May 2019

    LTI session needs to be run with the LTI tool but from looking at what you have here it looks like you're trying to run it with common test taker. This will need to be run as either a student or learner and not as the instructor.



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