LDAP User as Test Taker

Hi all, I have a few questions:
1. I have created a user and assigned it with Test Taker role, but still couldn't take a delivery test. Did I miss a step here?
2. Once I have LDAP plugin installed, how to assign a LDAP user as test taker easily?

Thank you in advance.


  • Did you add the user to a group and add that group to the delivery? LDAP usage should be treated as an LTI.



  • Hi Amy, I couldn't see the user on groups menu so I can't assign it into a specific group.

  • You can find instructions on how to create groups here -



  • Hi Amy, I did as per the instruction above but I still couldn't find the added user(assigned as test taker role but it's not created by Test-Taker menu) on Groups menu. Does this a bug or we have to create a test taker user only under Test-Taker menu?

  • Is the test-taker part of the group? Also what version are you running?

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    No, because I couldn't find the test-taker on group menu as I attach.

    Testtaker1 is created by Test Taker Menu and TestTaker 2 is created by Manage User Menu.
    my version is 3.2.0-RC2

  • I was able to reproduce and am investigating further.

  • Thank you Amy and looking forward for the good news.

  • This is an older issue and a workaround was provided here in our older forums:

  • Hi Amy, actually the main problem has nothing to do with LDAP (i don't use LDAP currently). I'm just wondering why my Testtaker2 account which is created on Manage users menu (has assigned as Test Taker role) can't be shown on Groups Menu(not shown as a Test Taker).

  • From speaking with the developers there is an underlying role which while not visible in the interface keeps the test-taker role on users from being actual test-takers.

  • Hi Amy, I got it now. Sadly I have no choice that creating all test takers from Test-takers menu instead of from manage users menu. Btw will that underlying role be visible on future?

  • It's been there for a while but I have brought more attention to the question:)

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