Hi, how to see in the console how much time is spent on the question


  • Instructions for this can be found here -



  • You did not understand me, when a student passes the test, he click the next question, you can display data in the console.
    For example: the console.log(this.getTestRunner().getTestContext());
    Have any code, to show me how much time is spent the question
    for example console.log(this.getTestRunner().getTestContext().getCurrentItem().getSeconds());

  • That functionality is not currently available to that level. Any contributions would be welcome for that feature.



  • ok, Thanks

  • Сould you tell me which function on php answers how much time has passed on the server?

  • Does this have to happen in PHP?
    Tao supports the QTI Result format, and you can retrieve the results via rest interface (see s) or via the user interface by going to the "Results" tab -> "Download".

    In here you will find the variable duration:

    <responseVariable identifier="duration" cardinality="single" baseType="duration">
  • that's not what i need, how much time is left on the server until the end of the test in realtime where it is calculated

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