Cannot install or uninstall extension from Extension Manager (3.3 RC1)

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I am following the instruction to create a new extension:

After creating a new extension named: taoExample

I chose the new extension then clik Apply -> Yes

I got the error. Logs:

This operation cannot be processed in production mode.

What does this mean? And how can I solve this?

Thank you in advance.


  • If you follow the example in the documentation does it successfully install? If not you will need to review your extension.



  • I followed the same example. I just created and want to install. I did change anything the extension.

    May I check what is: The operation cannot be processed in production mode. How can I ignore it?

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    Go to the config file located in config/generis.conf.php and change the line
    define('DEBUG_MODE', false);
    define('DEBUG_MODE', true);

  • Thanks.

    But why does production mode not allow to install or disable extension? Is it a bug?

    Thanks :)

  • It is not a bug, it’s to maintain the state of the production environment and deliveries.

  • Ok noted. Thanks

  • I can installed the new extension but got error:

    [2019-05-23 21:13:08] tao.INFO: Unknown controller oat\taoExample\controller\TaoExample {"file":"/srv/www/quiz/funcAcl/models/FuncAcl.php","line":54} {"uid":"635e4ebadb26fd224773c9ef"}

    I searched in the forum and there was a same question: (No anwser yet)

    I followed an advice there:

    • Extension not installed
    • Autoloader fails because access rights on the files not correctly set
    • Composer overwriting our autoloader hack. If you have already verified autoload_psr4.php, then please also take a look at autoload_static.php*

    My extension is only missing in autoload_static.php. I don't know how to add my extension into the file?

    Appreciate any though.

  • If you got a little patience then try this.


    Follow all the steps in down to the detail.

    BUT, as the first step, make sure you get the correct branch / tag of TAO v3.3-rc01.

    If you download using git simply do git checkout v3.3-rc01 if you download through then use this tag/branch

    Then follow everything in that guide down to the last detail, including creating a git repo for your module and the composer.json / composer update part.

  • (y) Thanks so much. After reviewing the instruction, I realised that I ignored the import my extension to root composer.json and update again.

    Thanks again :)

  • No problemo :wink:

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