TAO Developer documentation & philosophy?

edited May 2019 in Developers

Hello! Im working on an addon for TAO with a new workflow for manual reviews of test results.

I am kind of perplexed by TAO, especially when it comes to datastorage, class structure, actually kind of every design decision...

I have over a decade of real world experience, never have I seen the term "Ontologies" used outside textbooks. RDF urls all over the place, and even used as primary keys... why? Im sure there is some kind of grand reasoning for all of this.

No real structure, just KV storage. Why even use SQL?

You made PHPDOC comments, Cool! Then I should be able to generate my own documentation. Oh wait, I get over 600 different classes, many namespaced in the class name itself!

I feel like im burning my employers money away at this point, and it makes me feel bad.

NIH, bad design etc. is associated with legacy PHP projects, but never have I been so lost trying to figure out a project.

Can someone, please give me pointers to understanding the philosophy and strucutre behind TAO?


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