Showing Positive and Negative Score for each item while taking exam

Is there any option for showing score for each item for test taker in tao3.3 version. If No, Then i want to know in feature will that be enabled in future version.


  • You can use modal feedback for the response (in item authoring) to provide the candidate with correct/incorrect information. You could put in a score for that item, though it wouldn't account for any test weighting.
    You might be able to access the TOTAL_SCORE variable during the session if you're looking for a running score for the test.

  • We need to show test taker how much he will score or loose by attempting to the question like +1 for correct answer and -0.5 for wrong answer, is there any way to show this information?
    Please refer attached screenshot for reference.

  • Theoretically QTI holds that information about the item as the outcome declaration, and you definitely need it to score the item, so I'm assuming it's available somewhere. I'll see if I can get you a more specific answer. No promises...

  • I have checked few setting and workflow of test takers but i could not able to find any option to show score for each item. As this is more important information for us to show score for each item while take tests. If you found any document or any option in setting it would be really helpful.

  • You might be able to accomplish this using modal feedbacks or you could just put the information within the text of the item.

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