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I have installed Tao3.3.0 and created items and delivered test to test taker successfully and configure all setting of tao. But when i enter into test taker screen after entering into test screen i can see "Mark as Review" button which means user can click on it and can review that question later, But when i click on that button it is turning to flagged and after clicking on next button again it is turning to unanswered. Can anyone help me on this that why this issue is occurred with latest Tao version.


  • Can you provide the operating system, php version, and which version of TAO 3.3 (rc01 or rc02?) you are using and any debug logs?

  • I am using Windows OS with PHP7.1. And for reference i am attaching few screen shot to understand what it is happening:

    1. When i click on review button from console i can see that for that position it is marked as review in below screen shot
    1. After that when i click on next button that reviewed flag must be carried and should be as reviewed but in below screen shot you can see that number of flagged items are 0
  • Were there any messages in the logs?

  • I could not able to find any log file in folder structure.

  • Instructions for seeting up the logger can be found here -

  • Hi I have already checked this link and set log setting but could not able to trace any logs.

  • For current position of item it is storing as flagged but once if i click on "Next button" at that time it is not rendering the past item as flagged and it is showing as "0 items" are flagged.Something is going wrong after clicking on next button.

  • amyamy
    edited June 2019

    3.3 is slated to require PHP 7.2 where as you are running on 7.1. You might wish to upgrade your PHP and make sure you are on the release-3.3-rc02 branch of the code. Without any errors it is hard to diagnose what your issue is.

  • I have download from git and the version of Tao is showing like this (TAO 3.2.0-RC2 from v3.2-rc02 tag). So now i am running above Tao version which i am facing issue.

  • There have been bugs fixed between the release you are running and the code branch I mentioned. If this is a new installation I would suggest reinstalling with the latest code. If it is an existing installation there will be an upgrade path from 3.2 to 3.3 after release.

  • As per your suggestion i have installed latest version of Tao(3.3 rc02). But while creating items i was not able to give negative marking(i,e -1,-0.3) as it was showing error tooltip as "Must be Numeric". In before versions it was taken.

  • We have confirmed that if you put the -1 it will still function properly and we are looking into why the message is there.

  • In Latest tao3.3.0 RC02 version from config file if i change the "test-taker-review-region" from left to right its not working still its showing as left side only.

  • Please provide more information? Is there anything in the logs? Is this related to the original issue of the -1?

  • Please provide more information? Is there anything in the logs? Is this related to the original issue of the -1?

  • No It's about the review region where test taker can see all question information as "Answered","Unanswered" etc on left side of the screen. But from config file "tao3.3\config\taoQtiTest\testRunner.conf.php" if i changed the region from left to right side it is not coming on right side of the screen.In previous version it had worked after changing setting from above file path.

  • Can you provide some screenshots and steps to duplicate besides changing the 'test-taker-review-region' => 'right' so we can attempt to duplicate?

  • In this path "tao3.3/taoQtiTest/config/default/testRunner.conf.php"

    In this path "tao3.3/config/taoQtiTest/testRunner.conf.php"

    After changing in both above two files also in below screen shot you can see the review screen is at left side only.

  • The development team is going to take a look at this.

  • Thank you @amy and i have another question with subject "Section Wise Test Facing Issue". Can you please check and let me know.

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