Exporting and Re-importing tests fails in TAO 3.2 RC2

When considering migrating to 3.3, I tried to export and re-import my test into 3.2

Importing in QTI 2.2 format just fails, no error message
Importing in QTI 2.1 format comes up with

500: missing parameter ID for taoTests_actions_Testimport/index

No PHP log entries


  • You will be able to upgrade without migrating. Without logs it's hard to say what is going on.

  • Same story with 3.3 sprint69

    Some of the test items are there in pieces, all images are missing, the test itself is there but empty.

  • PHP 7.0 btw. PHP Logging is enabled and working, but this occurance does not write any log entry.

  • You can set this in 3.3 for logging to a file (from the new admin guide)
    The following is an example of configuring config/generis/log.conf.php to send debug level logs to a file, in thise case /var/www/html/tao/logs/test-log.log.

    return new oat\oatbox\log\LoggerService(array(
    'logger' => array(
    'class' => \oat\oatbox\log\logger\TaoMonolog::class,
    'options' => array(
    'name' => 'tao',
    'handlers' => array(
    'class' => \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler::class,
    'options' => array(
    return new oat\oatbox\log\LoggerService();

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