Timer issue while taking test

When i am taking test i noticed below points:
1. When i click on "Next" or "Previous" button it is reducing to 2-3 seconds in timer which will cost huge time loss for students who take test for more questions in exam.
2. And one more issue i noticed that when i resume the exam at background timer is keep on running and not starting from where i have stopped the exam.


  • What versions of TAO are you running?

  • Tao3.2 and i think in Latest version Tao3.3 rc2 timer issue is fixed but here when i take exam percentage of progress bar is not increasing when i answered, "mark as review" button is not visible and count of "Answered","Unanswered" are not updating once if i answered also.

    Is this version is still in development?

  • It is still in development, but if you are seeing an issue please provide steps to duplicate and any logs.

  • edited July 2019

    Hi Amy Thank you for you response.
    When i login as test taker and started exam, I could not see any increment in progress bar beside timer and also i could not see any increment values in Answered, Unanswered etc. After answering the question and click on next also the value of Answered is Zero. You can see the issue in below screen shot and also there is not Mark as review button with other toolbar buttons.

    c2.PNG 46.6K
    c3.PNG 36.4K
  • The progress bar and Answered/Unanswered counter don't work for items marked as "informational" in test authoring. Can you remove this and see if you still have the issue?

  • Yes Thanks @amy it worked perfectly.

  • Hi Amy,

    I think in tao3.3 we don't have concept for adding open web items. So is there any other way to add such type of items for gaming question. And please let me know in latest version of Tao do we have this feature to implement.

  • You can do this with PCI which is standards based.

  • Can you please provide me any sample example link or document which is implemented in latest Tao version. So that i can follow that standards and implement it. And also how we can integrate in items where i used HTML,JAVASCRIPT for running that game. If possible provide any link or document to follow the standards.

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