Installing TAO 3.3 RC1

After downloading 3.3 package from github I noticed that it is only containing a small piece of the TAO distribution.

Lacking root access to my server, I cannot follow the sudo based instructions given in

The only thing I can do on my server is upload something and execute it from a browser.

Is this an incremental package on top of 3.2.?


  • It is not an incremental package unfortunately, but your hosting company should be able to help you with the installation.

  • Sorry for not putting this right:

    There are installation packages for 3.1 and 3.2 that contain complete distributions. Some 20 subfolders unter the root installation directory

    3.3 distributions only contain a root with some 2 subdirectories, the rest is not contained.

    So - what exactly shall I do with the 3.3. ZIP file?

    a) install it over an existing 3.2. installation by just replacing the files contained in the ZIP? - If so, with running the setup script again - or without? Keep the database?
    b) merge a full 3.2 distribution with the 3.3. package and copy the result to a new web folder + run setup again?
    c) install a brand new 3.2, run setup and then replace the files? Then run setup again or not?

    I am aware that I can spend a day finding out myself.

    Thanks anyway for any insight that might save me from some dead ends. And as far as my research went, nothing of this is described anywhere.

  • Andreas the other files are installed when running 'composer install' in 3.3. The upgrade procedure for 3.2 to 3.3 are still being worked on at this time.

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