3.3. RC-??? Login Button remains grey + no reinstallation possible

After a nightmare of installation woes I managed to get some apparent 3.3 release installed

git clone ...
composer install
copying some 700MB to our web server thru WinSCP

Setup from front side ran thru but after installation it ended in a loop of pressing final install button. No matter ...

Calling the frontside again comes up with a login screen nicely BUT ...

After entering login and password - Login Button remains grey and does not allow login

So I wanted to attempt redoing the front side installation. Instructions sort of say you have to remove .htaccess from tao/install folder. Even removing the whole install folder did not help ... mydomain/tao/install still comes up with the "production mode" error and inhibits re-installation

So ... stuck again ...


  • Update here

    After some painstaking research I found another 2 pieces of misleading information:
    1. TAO does NOT run under PHP 7.2. Switching back to PHP 7.0 at least completed installation and fixed the login bug
    2. The information about re-setting a production version is wrong. There is no .htaccess file in tao/install, by checking timestamps I found out that deleting data and config directories and replacing them with the distribution content seems to reset an installation

  • Version turned out to be 3.3 sprint69

  • edited June 2019

    This is the principal issue with PHP7.2 (Regardless whether 3.2 or 3.3 - seems a similar issue)

    You get tons of log entries like this.

    [27-Jun-2019 11:33:12 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use oat\taoQtiItem\model\qti\Object as Object because 'Object' is a special class name in /kunden/569419_1100/webseiten/training33/taoQtiItem/model/qti/ParserFactory.php on line 54

  • If you are doing a git clone do a 'git checkout release-3.3.rc02'

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