TAO 3.2 setSerializedState & response containing doublequotes

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Hello, when some of the responses in our PCIs contain double quotes ("), the Review functionality in taoOutcomeUi seems broken.

Usually when a PCI is reviewed, the setSerializedState function in the PCI is supplied the response. But if a doublequote is in this response (ie. if a test-taker uses doublequotes in a text response, or if the custom PCI returns doubleqoutes like a JSON string) there seems to be a call to getSerializedResponse which is then fed into setSerializedResponse immidiately after.

In TAO 3.3 this seems to be working as expected, but as I understand there is no upgrade path to 3.3 RC2?

Also in TAO 3.2 long responses seems to get an error "414 Request-URI Too Long" when clicking 'Review', but in TAO 3.3 this also seems to work fine.

Any workaround for this other than encoding the response?


  • I just did some tests and this is also a problem with TAOs build in interactions such as "Extended Text Interaction" and probably others when running TAO 3.2... I could really need an upgrade path ;-)

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