TAO3.2 review functionality is broken if test taker input contains double quotes

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As the title says, and as this other thread i created in the developer sub forum point towards, there is some serious bugs in TAO 3.2.

If a test-taker inputs a doublequote into ANY freetext interaction, the review functionality stops working.

All is fine in 3.3, but as I understand it, this version is still not stable?


  • Steps to reproduce:

    • Create a new test with an "Extended Text Interaction".
    • Assign a test taker
    • Take the test, input something containing doublequotes in the interaction
    • Go to taoOutcomeUi (results tab)
    • Review/preview the item
    • Item is empty.

    I admit this isn't a huge problem for Extended Text Interaction as the text is pretty readable from the main result page, but for other interactions this is not really cool.

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    It seems like state is passed along in the following URL when initiating the preview:

    The HTML returned by this request then contains the base64 encoded version of this:

    But escape characters \ are now missing...

  • ejth there are a few more things we're wrapping up on 3.3 but will be releasing shortly.

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