Confused: Human-Based Scoring

So I'm a bit confused. I'm running Tao 3.2 RC2. I don't see any documentation surrounding a way to human-score responses. As well as it seems this questions has been asked before and the response has always been 'no'.

However when searching around I came across this..

"TAO 2.2 - Advanced Grading and Resources Versioning capabilities (July 2012 TAO 2.2 Final Release - Partly implemented)
1. Human-Based Scoring
This work is achieved in close collaboration with the medical university: Karolinska Institute and is currently applied in the domain of Health-Care Education

The human based scoring has been partly implemented within the 2.2. Using TAO 2.2 version of TAO, you may first install the the human based grading extension quite easily by going to the settings menu, extensions manager then search for the grading extension and clikc on the install button.

This will enable the grading functionnality, includign the possibility to define scoring guidelines, a score scale (min, max, step) for every QTI item interaction. After data collection, independenant graders may score individuals for every essay, input against the scoring guidelines. The conflict reconciliation supporting features (if independant graders give different scores) is not yet available within the 2.2."

Alright then. So is Human-Based Scoring an option? I don't see any 'grading extension' in 3.2. Is it built in? If so then how is Human-Based Scoring done?


  • That functionality is not currently in TAO. You will need to export the results data in either CSV or QTI Results XML and then feed that into a human scoring system along with the item/test definitions.

  • I think this is the biggest drawback of using TAO. I was also surprised to find out that the human scoring system was abandoned. We did actually try to develop the basis for a human scoring system to be integrated in TAO, and we had a sketch of the workflow, but we got stuck in finding out how to show the students' responses to items to human scorers. We thought we were close a number of times, but eventually had to give up. Now we have a more simple solution to show the student responses and score them outside of TAO. But it is still one of our main issues with an otherwise great system.

  • We would definitely be open to a scoring extension being congtributed

  • The guy working on it stopped (our funding ran out). But I'll try to get funding for this. First hurdle would be to succeed in making a view of the student's response in the item context. I you could sketch out how that could be done, I would take the next step. I know that many people miss this functionality.

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