Section Wise Test Facing Issue

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I have created a delivery with multiple sections with different time limit for each section. So once if i finish first section it will shown as finished and showing next section questions. So again if we go and click on previous section and also on any question from review screen it's saying as "Item question5 is completed". But from there if i go to current section question there also it's saying as "Item Question1 is completed" which is not still answered or viewed. Is i am missing any setting please let me know. This issue was happening in latest tao version(3.3.0 Rc02).


  • Can you provide clearer steps or screenshots so we can look into this further?

  • I have created two sections with some question and time limit. Can see below screen shot for reference.

    So when i click on next and submit my answers in first section and for last question i will get a popup to close this section in-which we can't come back and answer any question again.

    And after clicking on close this section button i will get next section of question to answer as below screen shot

    Here if i go back to previous section and click on any question it will display message as below screen shot which is fine till now:

    And again if i go directly to my current section its showing below message as per screen shot which was showing as above screen shot:

    From the above screenshot you can see that still i did not go to any other question and if click on next also its showing same message which was shown in above screen shot.

    Here i just want to know one thing that after going to second section can we disable click option on first section as user will submit all his answers and no use of giving click option. In-which its effecting current section and closing his test without viewing or answering that questions.

  • Timed sections imply hand-in (completing) when leaving. Could you try setting the time-limits on the test-part level instead and see if that resolves things for you?



  • Thanks @markmolenaar i will check and can you please help me on another subject which i posted as "HotSpot Match and Gap Match Map Response Not working"

  • The devs have opened a ticket this morning on this issue.

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