HotSpot Match and Gap Match Map Response Not working

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From Below image i am not able to give score for each spot response. Where if i click on particular response also it's not showing popup for give score.

From Console i have found below error

Same for Gap Match type question also if i am trying to give map response it's not showing any output below text to give score for each gap response

From console i have found error


  • Can any one help with the above issue which i am facing in amazon cloud server. And also for taoQtiTest folder css are loading with !css rather than .css extension. Not understanding what i am missing in this setup.

  • The devs still need to look into this one but it has been reported.

  • I noticed one thing that is in production mode which i install in config define('DEBUG_MODE', false); and when i change to define('DEBUG_MODE', true); its working. But in production mode it has to be false for performance perspective. Please let me know on this.

  • I've given them the additional information, thanks.

  • @amy Any update on above issue. We need to do load testing if we have any update on above issue.

  • The devs have this in their backlog but there is currently no ETA

  • @amy Can it be taken in any priority order.

  • I'm not sure when this will be scheduled, as an open source project we do accept contributions though if you need it sooner.

  • I would add to the previous comments that this bug is still present in Release 3.3.0-RC02 and setting DEBUG_MODE to true does indeed stop the problem, but has impacts on performance.

    This bug has been present in TAO since when I started looking at the software at Release 3.2 this time last year and this bug is stopping the use of a number of useful item types in TAO and therefore its fix should be moved up the priority order. With a code tree of over 300MB and only appearing when DEBUG_MODE is false does make it very hard for anyone new to the project source code to actually find where the problem lies.

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