How do we set up a simple structure for test taking?

We have the system installed and are currently in the process of entering all of our exams, quizzes, and tests. We have a simple situation that we deal with. All of our products within TAO are to be available to our students when our instructors deem the student to be ready for them (instruction is primarily one on one). We need to be able to have our instructors create student test accounts, authorize which products the students then have access to, and review both the scores and actual test results question by question. Instructors also have tests that they have to take which are reviewed by an administrator. The current user documentation covers some but not all management roles. We do not want the instructors to have to be Administrators. Instructors do not create their own tests. We would appreciate it if someone could point us to an article, discussion or documentation that would provide us with the information that we need.


  • Hi,

    Did you read that documentation dealing with users, roles and access rights?


  • Yes I have read this article. The problem is that there are more roles not covered in that article. That article only covers what it considers "The most important roles". Where is the documentation for the rest of them?

  • Hi Dave,

    The purpose of this user guide is not to be over exhaustive but to give you a general idea regarding how roles are managed in TAO. In Users --> Manage roles --> User role, underlying roles are listed in Properties. Should you have any question about a basic role, please ask.

    I understand your "products" as a Test in TAO. Instructors should have a back-office access using the Global Manger role or a slightly more restricted role to access Test-takers (quoted "create student test accounts"), Groups (to gather these test-takers into a group), Deliveries (quoted "authorize which products the students then have access to") and Results (quoted "review both the scores and actual test results question by question") to view and probably export these results. Instructors should be part of a separate group and then specific deliveries should be assigned to them.

    I bet that by using already existing roles almost all cases should be covered in TAO.
    If you have additional request that require a specific support, please reach us at

    I also encourage you to start installing TAO and go further with the platform because it may satisfy most (if not all) your requirements.


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