Strings ending on "%s

Some strings end with the sequence: "%s
Shouldn't they include a " in the end?


  • Why would it be required, as such strings are retrieved from the source code..?

    Your URL link didn't show examples, here are some:"%s&sfields=source,target

    Follow the same pattern and it should be fine.

  • Here is an example.
    In taoQtiItem in the model/QtiItemCompiler.php-file, we have e.g.:
    Lines 201-205:

    common_report_Report::TYPE_SUCCESS, __('Successfully compiled "%s"', $language)
            } catch (\tao_models_classes_FileNotFoundException $e) {
                return new common_report_Report(
                    common_report_Report::TYPE_ERROR, __('Unable to retrieve asset "%s"', $e->getFilePath())

    In the messages.po-file, the texts have been changed to:

    lines 1570 and 2037:

    msgid "Successfully compiled \"%s"
    msgid "Unable to retrieve asset \"%s"

    As you see, the last " has been removed.
    1. This could lead to two things: The string is not recognized, and gettext does not replace it.
    2. The " is always placed last in the string - and when the target language would move "%s" somewhere else in the sentence, it is presented wrongly.

    This seems to be a problem with the script extracting the strings.

    Best regards,

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