Still English strings here and there

I have translated close to everything into Danish (except for proctoring, but I think I will take the time to get that done as well, even though I don't need that part). I have imported it into my TAO instance, and most is fine. But I find some English strings here and there. Could it be because the Pootle-version of the po-files isn't fully updated? Or are some strings not prepared for gettext?

One example is the "Operated by" in lower left corner. I searched the pootle interface, and the only instance of that string was translated (in "tao").

Another example is "Label" in the properties of Groups, and yet another is at the import page after having uploaded a CSV-file - "Deliveries" isn't translated. Pootle dosen't give me any un-translated strings for these terms.

It is not a serious problem - I was just wondering.

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