Bug in import

When importing users from a css-file, I can assign the user to a group by providing the resource identifier to the group in a Group-column.

BUT only if the group is NOT in a class!! I think that is a bug - having groups in class ensures order in my TAO-interface.

How to replicate the error:
Create a group (I created them by import... in theory this could be the reason for my problem?) under a class.
Import users with group identifier.
Result: Users are not in groups...

Move group to main class.
Import users with the same group identifier.
Result users are in class...

Ubuntu18.04, Php7.2, Apache2.2.


  • I can confirm that this has happened to me as well. I have spent well over 3 hours trying to debug importing users and this was the last issue that I encountered.

    The documentation could use improving to make clear that you have to define the group identifier not the label when importing.

  • Are you trying to import users or test-takers?

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