Cannot view student responses

When I go into Results, and select a test taker and then an item, and press Review, I get an error (500). In the logs it says: "[2019-08-07 22:59:36] tao.INFO: Either item.json or qti.xml should exist {"0":"common_exception_NotFound","file":"/var/www/tao33/taoQtiTestPreviewer/models/ItemPreviewer.php","line":149} []"

It is the case for all items (that I have tried to review).

Do I need to install some kind of extension?


  • I have a base installation (no extra extensions) and ran through the example QTI test that can be installed during installation and was not able to duplicate this issue. I would double check the items and then the test configuration.

  • It works now. Actually I don't know what I did to make it work. Sorry for that.

  • Glad it's working:)

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