Session Timeout

Hi All,
I just tested the platform on some of our teachers. We have an issue where if an individual spends a significant amount of time on a written portion of the test their session will "timeout" asking them to log-in again upon submission. When they sign back in all of the data from the last question (the written portion) is lost.

1) How do I extend the timeout to prevent users from being forced out during a test.
2) Is there a way to periodically save written responses incase of 'accidental' logout or a lost connection?



  • I would suggest looking at the apache and network configuration to see if you're being timedout outside of TAO but you can look in the test and delivery as well for any timeouts.

  • There doesn't seem to be any timeout settings within TAO that I can find. Do they live somewhere? Also I'm wondering if this is a default in php.ini? I've changed session.gc_maxlifetime from 1440 to something like 10000 to see if that will work, will report back.

    Any idea on #2. Ideally incase of a lost connection or something it would be nice if I could get TAO to periodically save/cache a response that a student is typing. I could see plenty of instances of a lost internet connection/dead battery/etc where a student might lose a significant portion of their writing if its not saved every few minutes...

  • Currently there isn't an autosave though as always we'd be open to a code contribution. Double check your apache conf and mysql conf as well. Also make sure within the test itself you haven't set a timeout.

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