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I am using tao3.0 previously and now i want to import all items which are created in tao3.0 to tao3.3-rc02 version. But when i am exporting and importing in new version i am getting all items label/title as "item title" don't know what wrong i am doing. Can you let me know in which scenario it will happen like that. Please help me in this as i have lot of items to import from old version(tao3.0) to new version(tao3.3-rc02)



  • What are the original item names?

  • Hi,
    We have kept some "D_1,D_2 etc" and some as "IQEQ _D_32_Q34, IQEQ _D_33_Q35 etc" but when we export it is coming as "item title" in qti.xml in zip file.

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    What export format did you choose?

  • Hi,

    I am using QTI Package 2.1 for exporting.

  • Export the test as a whole and then import it that should work.

  • Hi,

    With importing whole test will all items import into items section.

  • Yep, did that fix your issue with your labels? I only had 3.2 and 3.3 to test with.

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    Here in this we have one problem is that our items will have have sub items. In which some items will be in one test and some will be in another test. And frequently we delete previous test and create new test for test takers. In that scenario few items will not be in test then how we can depend on test and import.

    And also i tried by exporting using RDF and in this type it's importing with correct label but when i click on "Authoring" button it was saying "500:undefined filesystem". Don't know what going wrong.

  • Unfortunately exporting out of our online demo which is TAO 3.2 and importing into a local TAO 3.3 I'm unable to duplicate. I can export individual items and classes with several items as QTI 2.1 and then import them on the 3.3 instance. Have you tried doing a single item?

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