Results export and item duration data (Tao 3.3 edition)

Hello everyone,

I've got an issue whit the results exportation.
In the "Results" section of an istance of TAO 3.3 edition, if I open the "view" of a test taker's result I find, for each item, the duration in ISO 8601format (and it is right).
Whereas, when I download the results as CSV, I find (not in ISO 8601 format but in a simple numeric format) only the "seconds" value. "Minutes" are not rapresented. It is a bug or it is a my fault? Is there a different way to export the results that don't relies on REST API ? they don't seems working whit hosting that i use.
For istance: in the view I find "PT7M57.646644S" whereas in the CSV i find "57.646644".

thank you in advance for any hint



  • Antonio it is a bug that we have been working on a fix and will be in the next release of the Community Edition. At this time there is no ETA on the release.

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