Default language setting failed

I have successfully installed the TAO 3.3 operating system in a "cbt" subdirectory of my web space.
I then followed the procedure to set the Italian language as indicated in, to set Italian as the default language for the system, modifying the file generis. conf.php:
define ('default_lang', 'it-IT');
Unfortunately, it only worked for the login screen, shown in Italian. Everything else remained in English.
What did I do wrong?


  • Check the user/test-takers launguage setting

  • Thanks!
    I was able to set the language, but I had to try all the possible options, selecting line by line, in "My settings" -> Interface language, the various alternatives, because the languages are not visible (the list of languages is. .. white). And this is an "oddity" I would like to know the cause of.

  • If you change everything back is the drop down still blank? Let's break this down into small tasks adding one change at a time to osee what is occurring and when.

  • This is what I see, whatever I do:

  • As you can see from the following screenshots, the problem reported in the previous posts is more extensive than I had thought:

  • danp everything was working before you changed the languages? What happens if you put the system back to the default of English? What happens if you first change just define ('default_lang', 'it-IT');? To help troubleshoot this we'll need to go step by step and see where it fails? You may also be running into a section not fully translated - For information on contributing translations see

  • Hi Amy and thanks again for the reply and for the contributions.
    Even before changing the language, malfunctions occurred. After many futile attempts to understand the cause, I decided to proceed with a new installation, not in a subdirectory of the root of my web space, but generating a subdomain (not, but . And the new TAO installation, from the first checks carried out, does not seem to present the problems of the previous one.

  • danp interesting as all my tests are as in the admin guides. I'l take a further look at this though.

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