Programmatically Receive Delivery Results

Hello, I'm currently building a system that will allow students to view past test results after taking exams on TAO. I know TAO has the feature that allows teachers to export delivery results as .csv files from the results page, but I'd like this system to automatically grab and store this data without needing someone to log in and click the "export" button every time. What methods would you recommend for exporting delivery results? I've tried using the REST API, but I haven't had much success accessing any information yet.
Thanks for your time.


  • Hi gene,

    Feel free to export test results using the results stored in those two tables in the database: results_storage and variables_storage.

    For large exports we don't trigger manual exports in the back-office but custom made exports (or DB queries). Of course it depends of what you intend to show exactly and requires some custom processing.

    Should you have a request for additional development through a paid subscription, please reach


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