[Solved] Changing the upload size for media-interactions

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Hey everyone,

I am currently trying to upload a video into the media-interaction, but sadly I cannot for file sizes >5MB. Changing the php.ini in the PHP folder under xampp didn't change the issue.

Does anyone have an idea where I can adjust the upload-size?


Changing the size between 1M and 5M (M=MB) in php.ini allows you to limit the upload size --> as long as the files are <5M but greater then your limit, TAO throws an error (file size too big). But if you choose a file >5M it just loads and loads and eventually nothing happens.


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    Problem solved! Besides the upload_max_filesize = 2M additionally the post_max_size = 8M has to be changed. Make sure to keep the proportion between those variables. :smile:

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