Deployment for Mass Test Taker

1.With suitable and appropriate high end server hardware and network, can the platform support 1000 concurrent test taker?

2.Am not conversant with LINUX therefore can I deploy the solution on a window OS (which i was able to deployed on), especially XAMPP on Window 10 Pro, for mass test taker of 1000


  • Youo can deploy on Windows, I would recommend running a load test against your implementatioon to determine your max concurrent users.

  • Need for load testing noted.
    But my organisation is ready to provide adequate hardware required however I will like to know if the TAO platform software will can support 1000 concurrent user if all other criteria are ok

  • Yes the system all things given should be able to do 1000 concurrent users.

  • Even with XAMMP on Window?
  • As I said you'd be best to do a load test to determine what you can handle.

  • Please read the Q/A "Is XAMPP production ready?" on that page:
    "XAMPP is not meant for production use but only for development environments."
    This gives you the definitive answer.

    Also, I would never use Windows as a web server as TAO recommends Apache 2 as the only web server to use.

    TAO is able to handle much more than 1000 concurrent test-takers, but this requires a well-designed network infrastructure and persistence configuration. This is part of our know-how that we share with our customers.


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