taoLti extension is not showing in Extension Manager


I am new to Tao Testing. I have stuck below.

Environment using
WAMP Server
Windows 10

Version using
Community edition
Intalled manually in MySQL

1. Install new extension taoLti using composer.
2. It is available in tao\taoLti folder.
3. tao\taoLti has the similar permission as in other extension folder such as tao\taoCe.
4. composer.json file updates successfully.
5. Admin - Settings - Extension manager - no new extension is added. Also 'Add New' is not available.

Please help me to find the solution.

Regards & Thanks.


  • Hi amy.

    Thanks for the reply. This is helping.

    I am trying to install but getting the below error.
    500: Installed version of generis 8.2.2 does not satisfy required >=12.5.0 for taoLti
    How to update this generis extension? I am not getting this in the list. Also the command from cmd, composer update oat-sa/extension-tao-generis is not working. Please help.

    Regards & Thanks.

  • Youo can run composer update

  • I have given the below command.
    composer update

    But still there is no change / update in the extension.
    Am I missing something?

    Please help.

  • amyamy
    edited October 2019

    Also try composer require or composer require

  • edited October 2019

    Run the command
    composer require oat-sa/generis
    Update successfully tao\generis folder.

    This gives below error.
    Error 500 - Internal Server Error

    The page you requested generated an unexpected error on this server.

    Verify the address you entered in your web browser is valid.
    If you are sure that the address is correct but this page is still displayed contact your TAO administrator.

    Debug mode reveals the below.
    Debug Message
    Driver pdo_mysql not found check your database configuration

    What to do now? I am really confused. How do I get back the admin interface. I am in a hurry. Please help.

  • edited October 2019

    Error 500 is resolved now.

    Extension generis is updated with version now.

    Trying to install taoLti extension from admin panel. But it is still required generis version of 12.5.0 at least.

    Trying to update generis with the below command.
    composer update oat-sa/generis 12.5.0

    But there is nothing to install or update.

    Please help to resolve the issue.

  • Can you confirm what version of TAO you are using? While I haven't trried to install tao Lti on windows I do know it installs on TAO 3.3 on linux based systems with no issues.

  • I am using Tao version 3.3

    Environment using
    WAMP Server
    Windows 10

    Version using
    Community edition
    Intalled manually in MySQL

  • Amit,

    Testing with a Windows 10 local VM using the TAO windows installer for 3.3 installed per the install, I went to the Extension Manager and selected taoLti and installed it with no issues. I'm not sure how you installed originally but this workflow does work on Windows.

  • I have installed tao 3.3 using Web Installer. It is installed successfully and I can create Items, Tests, Delivery etc.

    I have updated the version of generis extension till, but I need to update it to the version 12.5.0 to install the extension taoLti. While doing so by clicking the submit button after checking the taoLti extension in Extension Manager I am getting the below error.

    500: Installed version of generis does not satisfy required >=12.5.0 for taoLti

    How do I update the generis version till 12.5.0 ?

    Hoping I have been able to explain the issue to you.

    Please help.

  • As Amy said, please install this taoLti extension from the extensions manager. It's already there and the version of this extension is the correct one.

    Referring to your error, if you wish to use another version of this extension it requires all dependencies (TAO extensions and minimum versions) to be satisfied.

    How do I update the generis version till 12.5.0 ?

    Just don't do it.


  • Hi Cyril.

    Many thanks for the reply.

    As per your suggestion, its good to not update generis to 12.5.0.
    But how do I install taoLti which is required generis version 12.5.0 at least. I am also not getting this version.

    Just let me know how do I install taoLti without upgrading generis.

    I am hopeful to get help.

    Regards & Thanks,

  • Hi Cyril.

    Apart from this issue, could you please help me to resolve the issue in title 'REST API Request URL' of this forum. How do I use REST API of Tao 3.3 from WAMP Server?

    Any sort of help would be appreciated.

    Regards & Thanks,

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