Tao 3.3 - Database / Tables - Where Items, Tests etc. are saved

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I have just started using Tao 3.3.

Windows 10
WAMP Server + MySQL

I have created Items, Tests etc. But do not identify in which table it is stored. Please tell me how this is saved in the database and its corresponding table names.

I am waiting for the reply.

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  • Data is split between the database and generis. The database schema can be found here

    The content for the Items themselves is stored in XML format within the data directory.

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    As per this URL I do not find the table 'extensions' in my database, but other tables 'models' and 'statements' are available along with other 9 tables, altogether there are total 11 tables.

    I do not understand what type of data is stored in these tables.

    I found the below folders.

    Do you mean these folders with xml files inside it? I found the names of items, tests etc. are available in these files.

    1. Where are other information such as Test-takers, Groups, Deliveries, Results are stored?
    2. Is there any information available about database? Nothing is available in user guide

    I am waiting for the reply and help.

  • Please take a look at:

    Armed with this knowledge take a look at the "statements" table, which is an implementation of RDF in a SQL database. Here you can find item and test metadata and references to the filesystem.

    The results are stored in 2 dedicated tables: results_storage and variables_storage

  • Hi Joel.

    Many thanks for the reply and referencing the resources. I do not aware about this. Now it has stated clearing to me.

    Is there anything stored in files physically?

    Can you tell me how do I use Tao's library in my own PHP code?

    I am waiting for the reply. Please help.

    Regards & Thanks,

  • As mentioned there is data stored physically in files under your data location

  • In my installation folder, I find the below folders.


    Here I find the information I saved using Tao admin for items and test. But where do I get the result information.

    Please help amy. Thanks in advane.

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