Seek Urgent Help - REST API usage


Anyone please help me to use the REST API.

At least let me know if there is any chance to use it from local server, say WAMP server.

Any good tutorial will be helping. I am trying with the below URLs.

In API URL I have mentioned the below URL
$apiUrl = 'http://localhost/tao/taoResultServer/QtiRestResults';

instead of original one given as below
$apiUrl = '';

Is this correct?

Also in case of parameters I have mentioned below local resources
$testtakerUri = urlencode('http://localhost/tao/mytao.rdf#xxxxxxxxxxxx');
$deliveryUri = urlencode('http://localhost/tao/mytao.rdf#xxxxxxxxxxxx');

instead of original one given as below
$testtakerUri = urlencode('http://tao.local/mytao.rdf#xxxxxxxxxxxx');
$deliveryUri = urlencode('http://tao.local/mytao.rdf#xxxxxxxxxxxx');

Is this okay?

I am in a hurry and urgently looking for support.
Please help.

Regards & Thanks,

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