Using answers from one item in another

I'm wondering if there's a way to grab a student's answer from one item and include it in another item later in the test.

The use case is where I have a student either select a value from a multiple choice or enter an answer in a text field, and then later in the test have a text area that displays something along the lines of 'On question 3, you chose X'.

I'm hoping to do this so that I can keep a single question/interaction per item and reduce the amount of scrolling that a student would have to do on a test.

I also understand, that if this could work, it will have to be done on a section of the test that does not allow shuffling. I can't have the later question with the prompt displayed before the first question is even asked. I'm also assuming this would be some sort of custom interaction that would reach back and grab the answer from the first question. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to start looking for the API to let me do that.

Thanks for any advice.


  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately, reading values of (response) variables from Item A in the definition of Item B directly is not possible because of variable scoping; items definitions are supposed to be independent from each other, to allow for re-usability of items across tests.

    However, it is possible to display (item) variables within rubric blocks as part of a test definition. You could create sections with rubric blocks and (using printedVariables) display the variables there. Rubric blocks of a section are by default displayed above all items within the section, allowing you to provide this context. An example of the use of printedVariables can be found here: 2.1/outcomeProcessing

    You would need to manually modify the (XML) test definition to achieve this, as TAO BackOffice does not offer a GUI for this (yet). Please let us know if this helps in your quest.



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