Skipping Modal feedback for Previous and skipped items

When the test taker skips a question, modal feedback is received for a multiple choice question saying incorrect answer even if nothing is selected. Is it possible to provide feedback only if user selects the next item and not on previous item or when an item is skipped?


  • Modal feedback in a TAO is configured in Item Authoring, this means, it becomes a property of an item. Items have no knowledge of the context they will be displayed in and can therefore not react to answers given in other items.

    Tests, on the other hand, could be seen as a series of items, so a test would "know" the answer given to Item A when navigating to Item B and could display a message accordingly. Mind you that these would not be modal feedbacks in the TAO sense. TAO has a handful of tools in this direction under Test Authoring > Navigation Warnings but none of them does what you are looking for. As far as I can tell you would need to write your own test runner plugin for this.

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