[Solved] how to enable math expression by mathjax?

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My environment as:
1. Windows 10
2. Tao is installed on c:\xampp, using TAO_3.1.0-RC7_Windows_setup.exe

My objective : trying to use latex in Tao item.

  1. Following the instruction appeared in,I download and unzip its content at subdirectory c:\xampp\taoQtiItem\views\js\mathjax
  2. Create a new testitm, I type \(ax^2+bx+c=0\) in that item content.
  3. Preview the item, mathjax do not have any effect on above math equation, I guess I haven't install mathjax correctly.

What step i missed?


  • Now I have the answer:
    1. unzip the content of into subdirectory c:\xampp\htdocs\taoQtiItem\views\js\mathjax
    2. During edit item, put cursor at where math formula should appear, an icon with A in framed box popup, click that icon, a menu appeared, click the icon with symbol Pi, then we can type latex formula in latex box of math properties on right side panel.

    Thanks all

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