Remove Operated By link

This might be in a guide somewhere. But in the bottom right corner there is an 'Operated by __________ " link. That link goes to a mailto with my email. If a test taker clicks that it causes issues for them (we're running tao in a kiosk browser. Is there a simple way to remove that link all together?



  • You can do this in config/tao/operatedby.conf.php

  • Any idea on how to do the same for the 'Copyright link' in the bottom left of the footer. There is a link to the tao homepage. Again would like to remove to avoid accidental clicks...

  • amyamy
    edited January 2020

    There is no configuration option for removing the link from the copyright. While thee code could be modified you would lose any changes on upgrade.

  • Well what other options do I have. If our test takers click that they lose the results of whatever question they are on and can no longer continue the test (again, Kiosk mode).

  • You could contribute code that would make this configurable or you could locate the code in question and change it manually but if you upgrade that manual change would be lost and need to be changed again.

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